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Solas FAQ's

1.) What happens when my light dies out?
All Solas bags are run on AA batteries and can be changed out.

2.) Does the light turn off when I close my purse?
Yes, the light turns off. There are magnetic switches that turn your light off. If these switches are obstructed the light will stay on, which will not harm your purse, but will wear your batteries down.

3.) How should I should I care for my suede Solas Bag?
We recommend you spray our suede Serendipity bags with suede protector.

4.) What stores in my area sell Solas handbags?
Click on our store locator to see the store nearest you!

5.) What does the word Solas mean?
Solas means "light" in gaelic.

6.) Does Solas have a MySpace page?
Yes! Check us out at

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