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Closet Karma

The "New" Retro

by Kristen Green

What's old is new again -- just ask designers Bulga and Deux Lux, who incorporate past designs into their fall lines. We're all caught somewhere between the '50s and today, so a new-retro clutch is just the way to go. Perfect for a night on the town or even a late-night snack run, the '50s were so iconic that their classic look will never fade.

Splurge: Goldenbleu, an Ashlee Simpson favorite, made this retro bag, which features a cell-phone pocket and plush suede lining, new.

Goldenbleu Mercedes Snap Clutch in red patent (top), $350

Save: May you never misplace your keys again with Solas. The brand is aptly named for its trademark feature: a battery-run, in-bag lighting system.

Solas Eleanor Clutch in red (bottom), $169

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Solas Fashion by Kara Kurcz Solas Fashion by Kara Kurcz