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Closet Karma


Blue Violet Light: Explode with Expression!

Communication is the key to a healthy you! It is time to give new meaning to "feeling blue". Discover what the colon is all about. We all need to glow from the inside out! Educate your way to Enlightenment!

Pink (Red) Light: Head In The Clouds?
Don't forget your roots! The pink light is great when you want to meet new people, turn over a new leaf, or calm your confusion. It's time to reorganize and prioritize!

Orange light: Sensual Healing.
Embrace your feminine power and dazzle them with desire! The orange light is perfect on a girl's night out, a hot date, or when you just want to feel sexy. It will spark you sensual fire!

Yellow Light: Let Go of My Ego!
You must fill your self-esteem with yellow gleam. When you feel anxious and your nerves are a wreck, the yellow light is great for getting our emotions in check. Have the will to enjoy and enjoy what you will!

Green (Aquamarine) light: All You Need Is Love.
This bag inspires great advice! Express unconditional love to a nasty neighbor, a nagging boss, or a lover who is driving you nuts. Have fun loving everything you do, and most importantly.love you.

Purple Light: Women's Intuition.
Open your eyes and your mind. Just let your inner voice be your guide. The purple light will enhance your imagination, sharpen your perception and guide you in self-reflection.

White Light: Manifest the Magnificent!
It is time to clear out the clutter! White will give you a fresh start and help you radiate from your handbag to your heart! 'Don't wear white after labor day?' No! Wear white every day


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