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Closet Karma

   Brian and I started Solas in 2004. We were 20-something, madly in love, and clueless how to manufacture a handbag (but we had tenacity)!

I was a self-professed shopaholic and fashionista. Brian liked to build and engineer things in his spare time. Yet, we both worked in TV (gasp I know)!

We dreamed of making it to the "big time" and then one night we got the "big idea". I once again lost my keys to the black hole I called my purse, this time in a martini lounge in Hollywood. (Did I mention I'm Irish?)

As the story goes we invented the first designer light up clutch, that we launched from our 2-bedroom apartment. It quickly graced the red carpet, A-lister's arms, and the pages of most national magazines.

What was different about our product was that it was an affordable designer leather bag. The light turned on when you opened the bag and shut off when you closed it. It was fashionable. It ran on batteries. And most importantly, it not only illuminated at night, but it brightened your day. (Each bag came with an inspirational message about the color light carried.)

As a couple and company we strive to bring you continued inspiration. When the recession hit in 2008, just like everyone else, we were bracing ourselves for an inevitably bumpy ride. That is why we chose to document our struggles and triumphs in our movie "big TIME". We hope our story inspires you never to give up.

In 2010, when Brian was diagnosed with colon cancer we once again chose to share our journey with you on our blog. Your love and support shined bright and carried "us" through the darkest of nights. It is because of you that we have found new and innovative ways for our bags to teach and inspire those affected by this disease.

At Solas, you are not just a customer.you are family. We know you have many choices in life, whether it be where to spend your money, or what daily blog to follow. We promise to not only stand by our products but to listen to your feedback. In addition to always making products that make life easier, Solas, will always be a place where you can feel better about whatever hurdle you need to overcome in life. Brian and I look forward to you continuing to join us on this journey as we turn "Life into Lemonade."

Love and light,

Photography by Jacky Mitrius

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